Our Story

Our Culture &
the Art of Welcoming

Our Guiding Principle

At Witham Family Hotels, we believe in providing warm, genuine service to all our guests. Each guest interaction is a unique opportunity for us to deliver exceptional service while anticipating our guests’ needs. Hospitality is not simply about putting a roof over someone’s head; it is about people and their experience. We recognize the importance of empowering our team members to create meaningful interactions not only with their fellow teammates, but with each and every guest. We believe in serving passionately and wholeheartedly. Our unwavering dedication to true hospitality is the driving force behind the art of welcoming our guests.

Looking Back

David J. Witham enjoying a moment with his grandson, who is now a recent graduate of Boston University's Hospitality Program.
(circa 2002)

Witham Family Hotels was founded by entrepreneur and businessman David J. Witham after moving his business to Maine in 1986. In the early 1970’s Mr. Witham and his sister bought from their father a motel and cabins located in the heart of Hampton Beach, NH called the Marguerite Motel, named after their mother Margaret. There he grew the business to three hotels and bought out his sister before eventually selling the properties in New Hampshire to relocate to Bar Harbor Maine after stumbling upon the Bar Harbor Inn and successfully making an offer on the hotel. Through hard work, loyalty to his employees and guests, and uncompromising standards, the portfolio today consists of 8 properties all within Maine.

A lifelong New Englander, Mr. Witham had a gift for seeing the potential, both in property and in people. He invested many millions of dollars refurbishing hotels that did not meet his high standards, starting from scratch when necessary. He also fostered a team of employees, now numbering more than 430, who represent the gold standard in hospitality and customer service. Witham set lofty goals for himself and his staff. From every Witham team member, he demanded no less than a total investment in their job responsibilities. “Never accept things the way they are just because they’ve always been done that way,” he liked to say. Witham was notoriously demanding, but his employees greatly admired his dedication to perfection and the values he established for the company.

More than 30 years after Witham Family Hotels was founded, Witham employees remain true to those values. The passion, skill and excellence of our loyal and dedicated staff epitomizes the “Family” in Witham Family Hotels. This family extends to Witham’s many repeat guests, some of whom have been Witham customers for more than two decades. Today the company is run by Mr. Witham’s son, David C. Witham, a third-generation hotelier who since the age of 14 has held most every position imaginable in the hotel industry. He too strives to carry out the company’s values that have driven it to the successes achieved while also keeping a keen eye on the future with the goal of taking the company to the next level regarding both the guest’s experience and a positive work environment for all employees.

Our Core Values


Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and held to the same standards, no matter the position. This is accomplished by actively listening, valuing each others time, respecting differences and learning from everyone.


We believe that kindness matters and always makes a difference. Trust that your unexpected acts of kindness are the ones most remembered.


We promote the freedom to do more. You will have the responsibility to do your best, contribute, and be personally accountable for our guests’ overall experience and the success of the company.


Our company’s strength lies in the differences of our employees. We take pride in creating a comfortable and positive work environment where everyone is treated respectfully, has access to equal opportunities, and knows that their ideas are valued.


We maintain the highest standards of honesty and sincerity by keeping our promises and doing what is right. We show fairness, consistency and humility.


Always striving to exceed the expectations of our guests and teammates, we are committed to taking the art of hospitality to the highest levels—a source of pride for us all.


Family has been in our name for three generations, and there is good reason. We not only care about our guests, we truly care about each other.